Institutive Eating is the key to Healthy Life and Holistic Healing

Purity and harmony add value to a healthy life. Preeti Seth, Nutritionist, Cosmetologist, and Founder of Pachouli Wellness Clinic strongly recommends knowing your body, eating less and well selectively, and avoiding stuffy foods to be healthy. In an interview with Executive Editor BK Jha, she speaks on proper nutrition to cope up with diseases including coronavirus


India is under the grip of a very deadly second wave of COVID-19. How do dietary habits help in cope up with the disease and remain healthy? 

Our body has natural ways of dealing with any disease. If our immune system is strong, our body can fight any virus, fungus, bacteria and disease of its own. If immunity is good, there is no worry at all with COVID-19 as well. It will pass away as a normal viral complication. People get panic, when they find themselves inflected with the virus and then immunity starts declining. I have several clients, who got fully recovered within a couple of days by following a dietary chart suggested by me. I simply suggest-do not panic and with the first sign of symptom increase water and fluid intake, have juice especially coconut. Alongside high intake of fluid, gargle and steam also help a lot. I witnessed with a more fluid and balanced diet, 60 per cent of my clients, family members, and friends recovered within three days.

How does it help?   

What happens when you meditate? Your whole attention is focused on one place. Similarly, when we eat, our digestive system swings into action and if we eat less intestines and digestive organs take care of our food in a focused way. When we fast, our digestive system gets rejuvenated to perform better the next time we eat. The opposite happens when eating heavily and stuffy foods. Our system becomes overburden and then toxic elements enhance the risk of diseases. In such cases, people will not be able to build strong immunity and become vulnerable to several diseases. Hence, I always recommend institutive eating rather than psychological eating which increases load to the body and create a garbage centre there.

What is institutive eating? 

Here, I simply mean eat when you feel hungry. This allows our system to work better. You are providing your body with the requisite food when it needs and hence, your energy level goes up. Fulfilling your hunger by only 50 per cent with a healthy diet would give the best of you. You must know your body requirements in terms of food. By eating well and less, people can allow their body to detoxify. Have plenty of water, juices, and fruits. If we can come out from the psychological pressure of eating at a fixed schedule even if we do not feel hungry, our problem would be resolved significantly. I never recommend restricting diets and extreme programs. I teach an “intuitive eating” approach to help clients reconnect with their body’s natural signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Pachouli’s goal is to help in creating a healthier, happier relationship with food, so people can enjoy the health that lasts a lifetime. I have empirical evidence that institutive eating is the key to a healthy life and holistic healing.  

What do you mean by holistic healing?

There needs to be proper harmony in our body and that comes with the purity of everything thoughts, foods, and actions. At Pachouli, we combine authentic Ayurvedic herbs to add value to our services and solutions and we offer a very personalized solution to every client. So, when we combine authentic and time-tested solutions, it leads to holistic healing. Purity is the basis of holistic healing. I would sound boasting but Pachouli has been a boon to those enduring lifestyle disorders like PCOS, high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility and arthritis due to its well-rounded and holistic approach.

You come from a corporate background, so how and when a new journey began with a unique brand name? 

I have done MSc from Delhi University, MBA from Symbiosis, and Advance Nursing from the Indian Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Cosmetology from the Institute of Laser & Aesthetic Medicine. I started my career in the wellness sector in 1999 as a nutritionist and cosmetologist with a renowned wellness brand and soon garnered popularity among the many who were striving to get themselves back in shape. I had been working with several corporates and visited many countries such as China, South Africa. During my visits, I realized a divine intervention that I have to do something else for the well-being of people. In my dreams also I used to see some alphabets such Pach, Pachaul etc. So I started researching these words and finally, I got Pachouli which means purity or a pure-you. In a broader sense, it means purity, harmony, healing, and value. With this inspiration, in 2010 I laid the foundation for Pachouli and soon became a household name. Today Pachouli has 6 wellness clinics across Delhi NCR and a strong base of loyal customers.

What is your main mantra or message?  

 I believe our body is a temple, the greatest Gift given to us by God and we should treat it with utmost respect and care. I believe my purpose in life is to make people beautiful and healthy, the best possible version of themselves.