How to manage vaginal infection

It is common for women to suffer from some degree of infection of the vagina in their lifetime. While certain amount of vaginal discharge is normal in women in the reproductive age group, the problem arises when the discharge becomes copious with a foul odour coupled with an itchy feeling and altered colour.  


Vaginal infections if left untreated may lead to complications that can adversely affect a person’s health. However, people can treat or manage most vaginal infections.Now, let’s discuss ways to prevent vaginal infection-

Good perineal hygiene is the first step to stay away from vaginal infections. It means keeping your intimate area clean and dry. Avoid the use of over the counter vaginal washes, harsh soaps, sprays, perfume as they tend to alter normal flora in the vagina.

Always clean private parts after using the washroom from front to back and not vice-versa as it may lead to organism into the vagina.

Make use of fresh dry cotton innerwear on a daily basis as the fabric in synthetic is not breathable. Also avoid using wet undergarments as wetness invites infection.

Using condoms not only prevents sexually transmitted disease but also unwanted pregnancies

Monogamous relationshipavoids the risk of cross-infection.

One should avoid taking unnecessary medications without a doctor’s prescription- especially antibiotics as it has the possibility to alter the vaginal flora in favour of fungal infection.

A healthy diet and regular exercise builds immunity and prevents infection, therefore, it’s important to maintain good health and an ideal weight to stay away from any illness.

Keepingany medical conditions like diabetes mellitus it under control prevents vaginal infection

Refrain from sexual activity if a partner is having any infection in the private parts. 

Vaginal infections are very much curable and women should not feel shy to see a doctor if they experience any of the symptoms that indicate towards an infection of vagina.  Instead, the couple should reach out to their doctor without any hesitation for proper guidance, treatment and support.