Avni announces new initiative ‘Collective by Avni’ to provide women with a panel of experts on menstrual practices

Avni - a holistic menstrual care start-up, has launched a new initiative called ‘Collective by Avni’ to address the queries of women related to menstrual practices.

The brand has been operating in the space of natural menstrual care, and is the first to launch India’s first period helpline. The new initiative ‘Collective by Avni’ comes as an extension to the 24x7 period helpline. With this new addition, now women can reach out to the experts on the especially curated panel by Avni, and seek help on queries related to menstrual practices, challenges and myths.

Avni has established a panel of experts with remarkable experience in the fields of Medical, Gynaecology, Nutrition, Mental and sexual health, Psychiatry, Physio, and many more. These experts can be available on the brand’s website throughout. One may consult these experts on a one-on-one closed communication basis as well.

“We receive approximately 1000+ number of queries on our Period helpline every month. Upon a thorough analysis of the same we could figure out the frequent questions and understand the gap better. We realized that it is high time that these women get expert advice to address their regular challenges, some of which are grave in nature. ‘Collective by Avni’ is a new initiative by the brand to provide these women with proper consultancy and knowledge,” Sujata Pawar- Co-Founder, Avni- Menstrual healthcare startup.

Avni has been running several initiatives, both online and offline to create more awareness among people regarding menstrual practices. The brand aims to target every facet of the society through suitable medium and promote safe practices, more accessibility to supplies, and share knowledge.

Through the new panel, the brand will also be promoting live sessions on social media, and AMA videos around various associated topics, to create relevant content that a woman might access whenever required.

Avni founded in August 2020 in Thane, Maharashtra is a young start-up focused on holistic menstrual care. Founded by the husband-wife duo -Sujata Pawar and Apurv Agrawal, Avni conscious menstrual care products for women. The brand offers well researched,innovative, tested products to facilitate women hygiene during periods. The co-founders envision Avni to emerge as a reliable women's health brand with the support of medical experts, 24X7 helpline, and conscious products right from menarche to menopause.