Assocham to Support the Condom Alliancein achieving goals of SDG



Condom Alliance, a shared value collective of condom market players and other stakeholders to improve the well-being of young people in India today announced the industry body, ASSOCHAM as its new secretariat. This partnership is a significant win and is in spirit of the country’s commitment towards SDG 17 that focusses on goal oriented global partnerships as well as SDG 3 that focusses on ensuring good health and well-being.  It is a significant step towards securing the health of the nation’s youth population

With its large and diverse member body, ASSOCHAM brings an extensive set of functional skills that will help strengthen the efforts of the Alliance to bring together all the key stakeholders including condom marketers, manufacturers, development partners, donors, and organisations working with the youth to revive the condom market in India by harnessing the power of collective impact.

The Condom Alliance was established in January of 2019 with support from United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It has come a long way as it stands tall as one of the leading voices for better sexual and reproductive health for our nation’s youth. This association with ASSOCHAM, will help steer the Alliance with sharper strategic insights, build a stronger cohesive voice and cast a wider net for the Alliance’s efforts and initiatives. Thus, enhancing reach with a wider and diverse audience across the nation.

Deepak Sood, Secretary General, ASSOCHAM, said, “Being a young nation is a significant advantage, but we can only harness the power of this unique resource by ensuring the holistic health and wellness of the youth population, including their reproductive and sexual health.  We aspire to enrich the Alliance with our wealth of industry expertise and global partnerships as well as bolster the advocacy programme to address the current social and regulatory barriers. We look forward to this opportunity to strengthen and shape our nation’s future.”

 Ravi Bhatnagar, Founding Member, Condom Alliance and Director of External Affairs and Partnerships, South Asia, Reckitt, said, “To bring about a significant and sustainable impact it is imperative to build a platform that is credible and diverse. There cannot be a better partner than ASSOCHAM to strengthen the platform created by Condom Alliance and take its efforts to the next level. With its large, credible and celebrated member body, ASSOCHAM has the ability to bring about the positive behavioural change in society. ASSOCHAM as the new secretariat will help build a stronger and more powerful industry voice to assist the Alliance realise its vision of ensuring the health and safety of India’s youth.”


PrabhleenTuteja, Director of Programmes, YP Foundation, Member of the Condom Alliance, said, “This strategic partnership with an illustrious industry body such as the ASSOCHAM is a welcome step towards achieving United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 17, which aims to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize global partnership for sustainable development. With ASSOCHAM’s reach and presence across sectors, we hope to shape and implement effective industry frameworks as well as a strong advocacy programme to bring about positive impact with initiatives directed towards holistic health and wellness for the nation’s youth.”