O2 Cure Launches Awareness Campaign #BreatheSafewithO2Cure

O2 Cure, a renowned air purification solution provider under Zeco Aircon Limited, a leading manufacturer of HVAC and air purification products, today announced the launch of  #BreatheSafewithO2Cure campaign to drive awareness around solutions for safeguarding the national capital against coronavirus and air pollution. The campaign includes an educative series covering practical advice on preventive measures against inhaling viruses and poisonous air, including COVID-19 'Omicron' variant resulting from various pollutants in outdoor as well as indoor environments. To drive subject matter discussion, the Company will be encouraging informative discussions on social media platforms through onboarding and partnering with experts and health influencers.


Kicking off from the onset of the festive season, each year, the national capital experiences the impact of the toxic haze and filthy air resulting from the stubble burning in the neighbouring states, vehicular emissions, and firecracker explosion. While on hilltops and exposed areas, moderate wind typically disperses the pollutants but in low-lying areas like valleys, it is harder for the wind to penetrate, resulting in air pollutants getting trapped and levels of air pollution rising. The capital’s AQI has been constantly deteriorating, above it, the crisis of the new mutant of coronavirus - Omicron is looming, which might lead to another wave of the pandemic. Such fatal changes in the air quality can have an adverse effect on the functioning of the lungs and resistance against various diseases. Thereby, resulting in decreasing life expectancy.

The impact of the invisible indoor enemy like pollutants, bacteria, viruses, germs, gases, particles, dust, pollen, and other hazardous substances, cannot be undermined as they constantly get circulated back in the air we breathe.

Commenting on the campaign, Kartik Singhal, Founder of O2 Cure and Director Zecon Aircon Limited said, “Combating air pollution has become the need of the hour, with AQI falling under hazardous parameters every year. However, it is no longer a seasonal problem. With increasing fatalities- and lifespan declining due to the pandemic and pollution, it has become imperative to sensitize people about the importance of breathing clean and pollution-free air. #BreatheSafewithO2Cure will help not just to identify pollutants but also our alarming vulnerabilities- along with spreading awareness around preventive measures.


O2 Cure has a range of advanced air purifiers with PHI® Technology tested & proven to neutralize pathogens, including coronavirus and its variants actively in the air. To provide a zone safe from corona for the frontline heroes and help India fight against this deadly virus, the company had recently supported by distributing 800 plus coronavirus neutralizing Mini Air purifiers to the Police Officials of the Maharashtra State, in association with RGF Environmental Group, USA and Suniel Shetty.