AHPI to Support Atomy India for Healthcare Products

On the occasion of the First Anniversary celebrations, Atomy India- Indian arm of Global Direct Selling leader Atomy from South Korea-today received massive support from Association of Healthcare Providers-India (AHPI) for their existing and proposed new healthcare products.

“We are highly impressed with high quality products of Atomy and AHPI would extend full support to the Korean company for their existing skin care and proposed new healthcare products through our network of over 12,000 member hospitals and doctors there,” Dr Girdhar Gyani, Secretary General, AHPI said at a press conference here today. Dr. Gyani was speaking as Chief Guest and he was honoured by leadership team of Atomy India. 

Atomy also unveiled its comprehensive plans for the Indian market and said that it would eye to launch their Global Sourcing Global Sales (GSGS) by 2022. With the philosophy of Absolute Quality Absolute Price Atomy India penetrates the Indian markets withKorean products in Skin Care, Living, Food, Health Supplement and other segments.

Addressing a Press Conference, Dr. SeikhImtiaz Ali (Abraham Lee), Managing Director, Atomy India said, “ Since India is known to have ancient secret of Ayurvedic Products and it is  recognised worldwide. With Atomy’s ‘Global Sourcing Global Sales’ GSGS market strategy, we plan to export Ayurvedic Indian products to different parts of the world. As Atomy has its Global Distribution Network in almost 50 plus countries. Within one year of business operations in India, we have achieved massive product popularity and now we plan to enter each household with our absolute quality products.” He further added “Atomy India will be able to ‘Make in India’ through our own manufacturing units or sourcing from Indian MSMEs or it could be a mix of both. We plan to set up manufacturing units in India by 2025.”

“The company plans to leverage its most popular personal care products to capture the market at the same time believes in improving people’s life by enhancing their lifestyle. In one year we have launched Korean products in India including our famous skin care brand ‘The Fame’ and we plan to launch more products into Health Supplements and Food categories. The skin care range products are powered by new technology, new material, and low irritancy. All other Personal Care and household products   have immense popularity due to their researched based development with new technologies. We are getting robust response from our customers, hence we would expand for a bigger share,” added Dr. SeikhImtiaz Ali.

Sharing his views, Rahul Kokadwar, Chief Operating Officer, Atomy India said, “Atomy has “Masstige” strategy which works on “Absolute Quality Absolute Price” philosophy. With help of this Product philosophy Atomy has 426 products in South Korea and have 63 products in India in Personal Care, Living, Food and Health Supplements.”

On the occasion of one year of successful business operations in India, Atomy hosted a special felicitation event it honoured over 100 doctors.

 Since Atomy ensures to honour the efforts of  Doctors, which they have done for the society while fighting with ongoing pandemic, recognising the concern of “Maskne” that occurs due to wearing Face masks by doctors for longer hours and in turn give rise to pimples, ache and other sensitivity on Face. The company also showcase the efficacy of “The Fame Skin Care’ to doctors and will also be gifting the same to 1000 doctors. “The Fame Skin Care Set will help our Doctors to rejuvenate the damaged layers of skin since it is made from natural ingredients designed with help of High Purification technology, Fermentation Technology,”