India’s Active COVID-19 Caseload slips below 2 Lakhs after 6 Months

India accomplished a significant achievement today. The total active COVID-19 caseload has fallen below the 2-lakh mark today to 1,97,201. This number translates to just 1.86% of total cases. This is the lowest after 207 days. The total active cases were 1,97,387 on 27thJune, 2020. According to Union Health Ministry, 16,988 cases have recovered and discharged in the last 24 hours. This has led to a net decline of 3327 from the total active caseload.

The Ministry’s data shows that 72% of these active cases are concentrated in just five states. 34 States and UTs have less than 10,000 active cases. India’s daily new cases are on a steady decline which has also contributed to the shrinkage in Active Caseload.

Globally, India has one of the lowest daily new confirmed COVID19 cases per million population in the last 7 days. As on 20th January, 2021, till 7 AM, a total of 6,74,835 beneficiaries have received the vaccination. In the last 24 hours, 2,20,786 people were vaccinated across 3,860 sessions. 11,720 sessions has been conducted so far.

The total recovered cases have crossed the Active caseload by one crore a few days ago. The gap presently stands at 10,048,540 today. The Recovery Rate has improved to 96.70% today. This difference is continuously growing as the recoveries outpace the daily new cases. 80.43% of the new recovered cases are observed to be concentrated in 10 States/UTs.

Maharashtra has reported the maximum number of single day recoveries with 4,516 newly recovered cases. 4,296 people recovered in Kerala followed by 807 in Karnataka. 

Nearly 79 of the new cases are concentrated in seven States and UTs. Kerala reported the highest daily new cases at 6,186. It is followed by Maharashtra with 2,294 new cases. There is also a steady decline in the number of daily fatalities which stands at 162 today. Six States/UTs account for 71.6%of new deaths. Maharashtra saw the maximum casualties (50). Kerala and West Bengal follow with 26 and 11 daily deaths, respectively.