Jagdale healthcare announces recent clinical study results on Mulmina for its Immune boosting benefits

Jagdale Healthcare, a subsidiary of Jagdale Industries, recently announced the results of a clinical study on their popular health drink Mulmina. Suitable for consumption for all age groups, including children, Mulmina® is composed of natural superfoods and is the only ready to drink immune booster, antioxidant beverage in a tetra pack. The inherent immune-boosting properties of the drink make it an excellent alternative to suitable alternative to other health beverages. Each 200 ml pack of Mulmina contains over 5000 ORAC units, which ensures 100% RDA of antioxidants.


In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, more people are looking for better measures for preventive health. With the global increase of COVID cases, pharmaceutical companies across the world are looking for an established preventive and curative option for the disease. The study showed immune boosting and anti-oxidant activities in  Covid-19 positive asymptomatic, mildly symptomatic patients and also healthcare workers posted at COVID wards in a NABH accredited renowned Medical Research Institute.

Clinical studies on Mulmina Mango (Combiantion of Mango, Gotu kula and Turmeric) and Mulmina Orange (Combination of Amla & Orange) have shown a significant increase in antioxidant markers like Superoxide Dismutase(SOD), Catalase (CAT) and Glutathione(GSH) and Immune markers like Immunoglobulin – A (Ig-A) in 14 and 28 days period. These studies also proven to reduce inflammatory markers like C-Reactive Protein (CRP).  Traditionally used Ayurvedic medicines like turmeric, Gotu kula, amla have been well studied. Combination of Mango, turmeric, Gotu kula and Combination of Amla, Orange is now clinically proven to have a definite part to play in the subject of immune nutrition in all age group.

Rajesh Jagdale, Chairman & Managing Director - Jagdale Industries, India, said “Even prior to the onset of COVID-19, we have been reviewing various measures to provide for increased immunity in individuals, as a preventive solution to diseases, that will be easy to access by the masses. With the study results showing positive effects in increasing the immunity of the body and making it more resilient to the seasonal diseases will go a long way in decreasing the current disease burden in the country. Scientifically proven Immune Nutrition is the future to combat many diseases and this will definitely become part of our daily lives. Today for every individual the right to proper immune nutrition is in fact a reality, a thought everyone needs to accept”.