Our medical fraternity made the nation proud and shown to the world that India can be a trusted partner: Piyush Goyal

Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal has said that all our medical fraternity have made the nation proud and shown to the world that India can be a trusted partner when it comes to global engagement and  trade. 

Speaking at the inauguration of CII’s 12th MedTech Global Summit here today, he said that Pharmaceutical industry persevered to ensure an adequate supply of medicines for India and the world. “The medical devices industry laboured and helped us indigenously prepare products required to fight COVID-19. Our doctors, paramedics & medical fraternity have made the nation proud by serving the common man relentlessly through their commitment to ensure the safety & well-being of India.”

Goyal said that today we can proudly say that India has shown to the world what a strict lockdown means & has also shown what a rapid recovery looks like. “Our numbers of COVID-19 recovery are very heartening, crossing the 70% recovery mark. This period has been great learning for all of us.”

He also  said that this is the time when we have to leverage the tools of technology to recharge out health system with the power of 3 As: Access, Awareness, Availability.  Goyal said that our industries of pharma, medical devices & medical profession will evolve, with the realization that being self-reliant is important to care for the lives of the people. 

The Commerce & Industry Minister said that bringing people together, using data and  processing that data can help us further improve our healthcare delivery system & ensure seamless flow of relevant patient information. he said “This will help our doctors & assist in the accurate diagnosis and curated care for patients.

He said that along with being the 'Pharmacy of the World', we will also become the 'Hospital of the World, where the world will be able to use facilities, high quality medical care and high quality treatment that India will provide to the rest of the world. Medical devices industry will be at the forefront of bringing technology to India and  ensuring our rightful place in global trade for equipment & global engagement with hospitals internationally.

The Minister said that Prime Minister has laid out a vision for a very bright future in which the entire country's healthcare needs will be upgraded. He expressed the confidence that India will ensure availability of good quality healthcare, equipment & facilities with access to all Indians.