Union Health Ministry Suggests Ayurvedic Herbs & Boosting Immunity as Preventive Measures

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, the use of Ayurveda herbs for immunity-boosting, adapting natural lifestyle and yoga to elude the infection have been the talk of the town. This is because the ancient system of medicine — Ayurveda deals with the human being and not the disease. Prevention of Disease, Strengthening the Defence System and Supporting the Self-Repair Mechanism majorly form Ayurvedic treatment. Main focus is on strengthening the physiology so that one doesn't fall sick, and if at all, recover fast without much damage.

To keep the significance of Ayurveda up and running, and to make the masses understand its efficacy in the troubled COVID times, the Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has recently released a protocol for the clinical management of COVID-19. The protocol lists dietary measures, yoga and Ayurvedic herbs and formulations such as Ashwagandha for prevention of COVID-19 infection and treatment of mild and asymptomatic cases.

Dr Harsh Vardhan said, "This protocol dealing with preventive and the prophylactic measure is a significant step not only in the management of COVID-19 but also in making traditional knowledge relevant to solving problems of the modern time."

While stressing that Ayurveda had a significant impact in the foundations of modern medicine, Dr Vardhan added, "Unfortunately, Ayurveda did not receive much attention after independence until Prime Minister Narendra Modi took up this cause with the importance it deserves."

"The Health Ministry's latest protocols on the management of COVID-19 based on Ayurveda and Yoga was for long needed to stimulate the healing features of Ayurveda. And the listing of Ashwagandha and Rasayana Choorna by the National Clinical Management protocol for the management of COVID-19 has added butter to the bread. As the protocol points out that a good immune system is vital for the prevention of COVID-19 and the role of Rasayana is pivotal in boosting one's immunity, this protocol optimise the utility of Rasayana in the current scenario," said, Anand Shrivastava, Chairman, Maharishi Ayurveda.

"Ayurvedic treatment is human-centric and not disease centric and the medicines also conform to the same line. It aims at strengthening the physiology for removal of disease through the restoration of the equilibrium of bodily functions. Thereby supporting the 'Human Physiology' to get into the state of homeostasis, means balance – the basis of health. Ayurvedic medicines are not only capable of preventing and curing the disease but also quite helpful in the management of situations like post-COVID healthcare to get rid of complications developed during COVID-19 infection," he added. 

The centuries-old science of Ayurveda, the indigenous medical system of India, integrates the concept of interconnectedness into its understanding of health and disease. Ayurveda considers the human body as an indivisible whole with a network of interrelated functions, mind and consciousness, wherein a disturbance in one area will have repercussions in other areas as well. However, the significance of Ayurveda is being recognised now in the testing times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Amrit Kalash of Maharishi Ayurveda, scientifically proven to be instrumental in strengthening the immune system, thereby has potential of managing the post-COVID-19 infection. Also, an important contribution of Maharishi Ayurveda to modern health care is to treat disease at its source rather than merely pacifying symptoms. This gives a deep insight into the basics of Ayurvedic wisdom that prevents and strengthens the body's own inner intelligence to maintain the longevity of holistic health and healthy living.

The current understanding of COVID-19 indicates that good immune status is vital to prevention and to safeguard from the upsurge of disease.